Launch: Copenhagen Manual

15:00 - 16:30 Uhr
National Center for Public Sector Innovation

The theme: Eurovision

After a grey, rainy November 2019 kick off for the work on the Copenhagen Manual, we hoped to celebrate the launch of the manual on a beautiful crisp sunny February day in Copenhagen. However… enter Covid19.

Change of plan: All our energy will be invested in an awesome international event. We will be checking in with our community in all the various places around the globe, keeping it virtual, keeping it safe.

Eurovision is the obvious inspiration: A celebration of happy things in an international community of skilled people who have worked very hard to achieve great results. With an engaged and interested audience

What to do & What to expect

You will receive a merchandise package from COI with a flag and a binder for the manual (probably around 2-5 days before the event). During the event each country will have no more than five minutes to shine on stage:

  • What have you gained from this work on the Copenhagen Manual and / or your own statistics on public sector innovation?
  • We do encourage you to deliver the answers in a Eurovision festive manner.

You are ready to participate in the launch-event when you have:

  • let us know where to send your merch (no later than febr. 7th)
  • let us know who from your country will shine on stage (no later than febr. 15th)
  • Invited guests
  • Let us know who of your guests will present
  • printed the manual from
  • unpacked you merchandise kit
  • found your Eurovision outfit to wear
  • planned what to say….
  • probably something else that we haven’t thought of yet but will become apparent in the weeks to come that we should obviously include in the celebration

Registration via Mail to: (Attention! Limited number of participants!)

Wanna learn more about the project „Innovation Barometer“? Just visit the website!


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